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Looking for a speaker to come to your class, community group, or event? Contact us by email or social media to request one of our speakers to buzz on by.

Melanie Dubois

Melanie Dubois is Sr. Riparian & Biodiversity Biologist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Her presentations about native bees in Manitoba are fun and informative, and can be geared to audiences with any number of interests. If you were to ask someone in Manitoba if they could tell you something about native bees, they will probably respond: "Do you know Melanie Dubois? She can answer your questions."


This is not Melanie. It's a bumblebee and butterfly. Photo credit: Sherry Punak-Murphy

Sherry Punak-Murphy

Sherry Punak-Murphy is a biogeographer working as a Base Biologist at CFB Shilo. She started working at the base as a summer student in 1990 doing biocontrol of leafy spurge monitoring. In 1996 she became a permanent employee as a Natural Resource & Safety Technician.She became the Base Biologist in 2008 and has held that job to this day. She is a a trained Geographer with a minor in Zoology and her special interests are in prairie plants and insects.


If you think this is Sherry, think again. Look at the lovely luna moth. Photo credit: Sherry Punak-Murphy

Deanna Smid

Deanna Smid is an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at Brandon University.​ She researches bees in literature and will be happy to regale you with examples of womanly bees in Ancient Greece, singing bees in the Renaissance, political bees in the seventeenth century, and dystopian bees in science fiction. While she can't say much about "real" bees, she knows a bit about bees in culture and bees as symbols and metaphors.


Look closer, and you'll see a bee and ant, not Deanna. Photo credit: Sherry Punak-Murphy

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